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Rusko @ The National RVA Feb 6, 2012 - HUGE THANKS TO Dope On Plastic !!

Rusko @ The National RVA Feb 6, 2012 - HUGE THANKS TO Dope On Plastic !!

PHOTOS: Steez Promo pres. Rusko w/ Bassjackers at The National (2/6/2012)


Last night was the craziest Monday night we’ve had in… well… probably ever. Judging by how many people were in attendance last night, we’re going to assume that just about everyone living in Richmond who reads this blog was at Steez Promo pres. Rusko w/ Bassjackers, and we’re also going to assume that you’re all dying to see these photos. Lucky for you we prioritize our readers over the trivialities of life (e.g. sleeping, eating) and have busted our ass to get them out early. Also, shout out to Beatdown the Kid and MAMMALS, the local openers for the show!

Link to the album + a video from last night after the jump!

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Thats right….
Its happening all over again.

Thats right….

Its happening all over again.

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Christmas Free Tune Round Up pt. 2

Starting off part 2 of our seasonal roundup with a little bit of future garage, from Whistla! Stay funky my friends.

DJ Matt Farley & Alize Levy - Woman (Whistla Remix) **FREE DOWNLOAD** by Whistla

DJ/Production collective Gangoon Dubz is sending one out from resident mad man Hurley.

Hurley - Bazooka (XMAS FREEBIE) by GangoonDubz

Next up is a beautiful deep garage tune from Xanja

Xanja - Over (Free DL) by Xanja (Bass Musik)

From ill-esha comes a self described “lovestep” tune, deep vibes.

The Weeknd - XO/The Host - ill-esha & napsty remix by ill-esha

Here is a vicious DnB tune from DECIMAL BASS!


From Mindset Records, Indigo gives us not one, not two, but three deep tunes!

The jump takes you to a media fire page where you can download all three, give them a listen from his soundcloud below.

Indigo xmas 2011 [download link below!] by Mindset Records

The Play No Games soundcloud page is FILLED WITH FREE TUNES! Pick a few for yourself after the jump, the tunes below are just a sampling.

Fable - Stick To The Plan by Play No Games

Congi - Raw Deal by Play No Games

G-A - Tractus by Play No Games

Surva - Always Wrong by Play No Games

Solero - Transcend by Play No Games

This next big one is from young gun Malfz, bringing the weight!

Malfz - Let em’ Go (VIP) Extended by KurrYaHurrd

…aaaaand to wrap up part 2 of our Christmas free tune extravaganza comes an ILL FUCKIN TUUUUUUUUUNE!

This one has been making some exclusive rounds the last few months but now ITS YOURS!

Formless - Paradox by Formless (dsfm)

Check back soon for more free shit and happy holidaze!!

Christmas Free Tune Round Up pt. 1

GET THESE TUNES WHILE YOU CAN! We can’t guarantee these will be up by the time you get to them, but a lot of great artist are feeling the holiday spirit and putting out free tunes this year. Those of you with swift fingers may be able to snag quite a few good holiday exclusives. 

Starting with:

Young Newport, Britain maverick Kinzy  

Kinzy - Dancing In The Dark (FBRFREE003) by Kinzy Dubstep

New Zealand giants Perverse

Perverse - Skeptic ( Free XMAS Give Away ) by Perverse

The Soloman coming through with a clutch freebie! Catch him weekly on Filth.FM

Soloman - Nintendo (FREE DOWNLOAD MERRY XMAS!) by Soloman

The Next three are special…I will let you read straight from Morphy's soundcloud:

The Three Wise Dubs is an EP of 3 new, original Morphy tracks that I’d like to give away in support of the homeless charity, Crisis

When you’re homeless, winter can be the hardest time of all. Cold, hungry and alone, there’s often nothing to enjoy, no one to be with, and little hope of anything better.

If you decide to download this EP, all I ask is that you please donate whatever you can to Crisis on my JustGiving page here.

If you can’t or won’t donate you can still download the mp3s for free, but I’m sure most of you can afford at least £1. Have a think about it while your mum’s got the turkey in the oven.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 

In any case these are great tunes, we encourage you to check them out.

Gold Dub - The Three Wise Dubs EP (charity giveaway - please read info) by Morphy

Frankincense Dub - The Three Wise Dubs EP (charity giveaway - please read info) by Morphy

Myrrh Dub - The Three Wise Dubs EP (charity giveaway - please read info) by Morphy

Next up is a big one from one of our regular favorites this past year Calski on label DANK ‘N’ DIRTY DUBS.

DANK006 - Calski - Saffire [FREE DOWNLOAD] by DANK ‘N’ DIRTY DUBZ

If this is up your alley you should check out Keyed Up and Calski’s Christmas Freebies. The jump will take you to media fire with a whole slew of tunes from Keyed Up and Calski. Give them a listen in this short mix before you download.

KeyedUp & Calski - Xmas Freebies (Available on 24th Dec) by CALSKI

For something just a little different, Kaiju怪獣 is giving away a lush Calski refix, deep vibes on this one.

Calski - Someones Missing (Kaiju re edit) by Kaiju怪獣

Here is a laid back Garage tune from ENiGMA Dubz.

ENiGMA Dubz - Keep It On The Low (MERRY CHRISTMAS!) by ENiGMA Dubz

The S.K. from France gives us Vibrational Detection! 

The S.K. - VD Box (FREE XMAS DOWNLOAD) by The S.K.

From Birmingham we have De Velopment, get weird.

Ting in her waste1 by De Velopment

…and finally we have a super warm tune from SubClutzer of Zug, Switzerland.

Realization by SubCluzter

This concludes pt. 1 of our holiday tune round up. Check back soon because there will surely be more!